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Jean W.

“The quality of service and helpfulness of Mr. Brewster and his staff is excellent. They are always willing to help and answer questions. I would recommend anyone who has a hearing problem to give them a call. You will be glad they did.


Michael W.

“I came looking for hearing aids and I found family.”


Irene R.

“Congratulations for many years of serving our community. I bought my hearing aids from you and have had great success with them. You are very helpful in making sure of quick service, when I come in for batteries, cleaning or adjustments. I appreciate your friendly way of making me feel important to you. Thank you for all your help and friendly greetings.”


Gary A.

“The hearing aids I got from Always HEAR are so comfortable I sometimes forget to remove them at bedtime. Very nice to wear.


Linda E.

“My family was tired of repeating themselves and I was tired of asking. It’s a new world for me to hear everything with ease! I realized that it was a struggle for me that I didn’t have to live with. This has improved my life immeasurably.”


Christine S.

“Deanna, Kevin, and Mary Kay, first things first….you are all incredible people. I will never be able to repay you for your kind words and patience in my time of need. Having been hearing impaired since birth, I have dealt with more than my fair share of audiologists and staff. Never before have I met an office so eager to meet my needs and put me first. When there was a problem, I never felt alone. I always knew you were all there to listen. An incredible feeling. It is such a relief to know I am finally able to work and live life- never missing a single sound. You all will never realize what an impact you have made on my life. I will share my story with all who will listen. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”


Mary S.

“For years I wasn’t hearing. My family kept telling me to turn the T.V. down, but that was hard to do. So I finally decided I had better invest in hearing aids. Needless to say, I could finally hear. What a blessing this was. I can now hear and also not talk so loud.”


Sheila R.

“My experience with Always HEAR has been pleasant indeed. Kevin, Mary Kay, and Deanna are there always willing to help you anytime and in any way. They make you comfortable.”


Dan S.

“I can’t believe the improvement in my hearing with my hearing aids. My quality of life is so much better.”


Denise L.

I have suffered from hearing loss for many years. I saw an ad for Always HEAR and decided to have my hearing checked. I found that Kevin and Mary Kay Brewster were very friendly and helpful. They helped me get my hearing aids fitted and financed so that I was able to afford them. Since getting my hearing aids Life has been so much better. I can hear so many things that I have missed. I get great and friendly service at Always HEAR.”


Joe K.

“I can’t believe how much I was missing before the magic that touched my life through Always HEAR. Kevin worked closely with me to understand my hearing loss, and offered immediate solutions for my situation that I am still wearing today—5 years later! I not only keep returning just to say, “Hi,” and have my hearing aid tuned up, I have recommended several friends who have also found new life with improved hearing.”


Gerald and Deanne B.

"We have been extremely pleased with the caring help Jerry has received in keeping his hearing aids working! The folks at Always HEAR are just super and we would encourage you to get their help.”

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