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Hearing Aid Repair – If a hearing aid dealer claims that no one can fix your device, do not believe them. There’s no way to make an accurate diagnosis without opening the hearing aid for a full examination. In most cases, the need for hearing aid repairs results from faulty mics, receivers, tubing or malfunctioning volume control.

These issues are typically easy to repair. However, when a device’s circuit malfunctions it’s not quite as simple. We’ll provide you with a no-hassle quote at the time of your inspection. The repairs we provide are for mechanical, internal issues. If there is damage to your hearing aid’s shell or faceplate, call for a quote. Note that you can count on our money-back guarantee on any repairs we perform.

The Hearing Aid Repair Process at Always H.E.A.R. Hearing Center

Contact our facility with questions about repairing your hearing aid at 309-664-6200.

Provide your current contact information when you call us. Be sure to include an explanation of what’s wrong with your hearing aid.

Place your hearing aid in a sturdy box. Additionally, we recommend you wrap your hearing aid in soft packing materials to prevent damage during delivery.

Mail your hearing aid to: Always H.E.A.R. Hearing Center, Repair Department, 2101 Eastland Drive, Suite F, Bloomington, Illinois 61704


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Common Signs Your Hearing Aid Needs Repair

Hearing aids remarkable devices that improve your hear capabilities and, consequently, your quality of daily life. People may require a hearing aid at different points in their life. However, hearing aids are fairly sensitive products that on occasion will need repairs. Routine maintenance and proper care is critical for keeping them in top condition.

  • -The device randomly turns off. One of the most obvious signs a hearing aid needs repair is when changing the battery doesn’t resolve this problem. The device may turn off at various times or simply not turn on at all. This may indicate a problem with the device or the battery. Check the battery before scheduling a repair.
  • -Physical damages. You may also determine that your hearing aid is not working due to damages. Even when they appear minor, some physical damages may result in significant problems with a device. For instance, there could be an issue with the tubing that connects the external piece with the internal piece. When this is the case, sound cannot travel through the unit. Consequently, the tubing will either need to replacement or repair.

Additionally, the device’s hook may be worn down or broken. In either cases, it will likely need professional repairs. The hook is what attaches the hearing aid to the ear. Subsequently, it’s a necessary component of the device.

Bloomington Hearing Aid Repair
Prompt, Affordable Rates On Hearing Aid Repairs
  • -Buzzing noises. Although the hearing aid may activate, it may emit problematic sounds. These unwanted noises could range from buzzing or ringing to simple static. It mainly depends upon the issue with the hearing aid. A battery low on power is a possible cause. However, buzzing sounds can also
  • indicate a more technical problem with the device. In that event, you will probably want to talk with our audiologist about a repairs. If you postpone fixing the hearing aid, the buzzing or other unwanted noises will probably continue and cause irritation.
  • -Earwax accumulation. Lastly, sometimes hearing aid problems are the result of earwax build-up.

There could be earwax causing the tubing to clog, for instance. Earwax is a natural, common occurrence. The ear generates the wax out to keep the canal clean and prevent dirt and oils from collecting.

It’s easy to clean earwax off your hearing aid with a damp, soft cloth. However, if this doesn’t solve the problem, visit our facility for a thorough cleaning or, if necessary, professional repairs.