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Everything You Need in Hearing Aids and Much More

Introducing NOW™ — the most advanced line of digital, conventional hearing aids by NuEar. With a sleek, contemporary exterior, this device features innovative technologies to delivers the benefits our customers want. If you’d like to improve your hearing, NOW™ can help you. Featuring the noise limiting and speech preservation system known as Vivid Speech2, NOW™ II improves speech comprehension. As a result, it improves understanding in noisy surroundings and makes hearing easier.

Searching for a hearing aid that’s difficult to notice? Check out Miniscopic™ Synergy – a customized, discreet digital hearing aid. Also, we carry the NOW™ mini RIC, which is a hearing aid that rests practically undetectable behind the ear. Whether you’re preparing for your first hearing device or looking to upgrade, our facility has the solution to improve your hearing.

Hearing Aids - NOW™ II – Technology and Benefits

  • -Active feedback suppression.
  • -Eliminates whistling and buzzing sounds.
  • -Features Vivid Speech2.
  • -Maintains speech understanding in noisy surroundings.

Improve Your Hearing and Quality of Life

The ClearFocus 2

  • -Enhances Vivid Speech2 by clarifying sounds you wish to hear and minimizing sounds you don’t wish to hear.
  • -Automated telephone response.
  • -Detect when you’re using the phone, adjusts settings for better listening.
  • -Music and TV processing.
  • -Adjusts to preset music and TV settings for comfort.

T2 Remote Control

  • -Enables adjustment of memory modes and volume through any touch-tone telephone.


-Makes your hearing aid water resistant. Also resistant to wax, oil, perspiration and corrosion.


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Hearing Aids - React ™ Touch Control

  • -Allows adjustments to memory and volume settings.

Speech Shift

  • -Replicates difficult to hear higher frequency sounds in lower frequency. Enhances and expands audibility.


  • -Gradually “learns” your personal volume control preferences for fewer manual adjustments.

Convenient Intuitive Features

  • -Automatic tone and voice indicators alert you of your hearing aid’s battery status.

NOW logo Hearing Instruments:

  • Invisible-In-The-Canal (IIC)
  • -Practically undetectable.
  • -For mild to moderately severe loss of hearing.
  • -Customized for your specific requirements.
  • Completely-In-Canal (CIC)
  • -Practically invisible.
  • -For mild to moderately severe loss of hearing.
  • -Customized for you.

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In-The-Canal (ITC) / Half Shell (HS)

  • -For mild to moderately severe loss of hearing
  • -Customized fit.

In-the-Ear (ITE)

  • -Easily adjustable.
  • -Made for mild to severe loss of hearing.
  • -Customized for you.

Receiver-In-Canal (RIC)

  • -A comfortable, open fitting.
  • -Appealing design, hardly detectable.
  • -Ideal for those with mild or moderate hearing loss.
  • -Available in a variety of colors, and battery sizes.
  • -Maximum power versions available for those with moderate to severe hearing loss.
Hearing Aid
Mini Receiver-in-Canal (mini RIC)

-Open, comfortable fit.

  • -Virtually invisible when worn.
  • -Touch control panels.
  • -Ideal for anyone with mild or moderate loss of hearing.
  • -Available in a wide variety of colors.
  • -Maximum power version for moderate through severe hearing loss.

Behind-The-Ear (BTE)

  • -Easy touch control panel.
  • -For moderate through severe hearing loss.
  • -Discreet design.
  • -Available in Mini-Power, Power Plus, variety of colors.

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Research shows that millions of people of all ages cope with untreated loss of hearing loss. Taking a hearing test at our facility is the critical first step in your journey to better hearing. An Always H.E.A.R hearing expert can provide valuable advice on how you can improve your hearing. Don’t hesitate to take that essential step. Call for a FREE test and consultation with our staff at 309-664-6200.

Improve Your Hearing and Your Quality of Life

Changes in hearing don’t usually happen uniformly or all at one time. Instead, the symptoms of hearing loss tend to appear gradually with time. It frequently begins with simple misunderstandings of specific words. As time passes, you may start to notice more difficulty in loud environments. Often times it may seem as through people are mumbling. As diminished hearing gets more and more noticeable, many people experience growing frustration. In advanced phases of hearing loss, some people may start to avoid certain listening environments.

The sooner one seeks professional treatment for hearing loss, the better the chances for success. If you or someone close to you is showing signs of hearing loss contact us at once. Call the Always H.E.A.R. Hearing Center today and schedule a FREE hearing test. Our experienced staff can answer your questions and present the options available to you for improved hearing.

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