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Loss of hearing remains one of the most common health challenges across the nation. The Hearing Loss Association of America* estimates that approximately 20 percent of people nationwide experience hearing loss. Consequently, there’s a significant benefit to scheduling an appointment with an Audiologist. An audiologist can professionally diagnose and recommend treatment for a wide variety of hearing problems. Please read on for signs that you should contact the Always H.E.A.R. Hearing Center for an appointment with an Audiologist.

-If you experience a sudden loss of hearing. This may happen for a number of reasons. For example, eardrum damage, buildup of earwax or due to a perforation of the eardrum. Certainly, consulting an audiologist is essential if you experience any of these symptoms.

-When you experience tinnitus. Patients usually describe tinnitus as an ongoing ringing in their ears. However, it may occur in other forms such as scraping or clapping sounds. Tinnitus is frequently a result of hearing loss. An Audiologist at our facility can help provide relief usually with the assistance of a quality hearing aid.

-Earwax buildup. The human ear naturally cleans itself. However, sometimes the ear’s cleansing mechanism causes excessive wax. Specifically, this can happen for people who wear a hearing aid or earplugs regularly. Earwax tends to build up just behind the hearing aid. Eventually, too much wax blocks the ear canal and affects hearing. Audiologists present a variety of products that help remove earwax. For instance, an audiologist may suggest that patients apply a cleaning solution into the ear to dissolve excessive wax.

When to Schedule an Appointment with an Audiologist

For most people, the quality of their hearing doesn’t stay constant for a lifetime. Without a doubt, hearing is prone to changes as part of nature’s aging process. Regular hearing checkups are necessary to ensure you’re on an appropriate treatment schedule. Additionally, a visit with an audiologist is also essential for abrupt loss of hearing.

-If you experience difficulty hearing children’s voices. One of the signs of hearing loss is an inability to identify particular sounds, specifically a high-pitch voice. Therefore, if children must repeat themselves to you frequently, it’s a likely sign you may have hearing loss.

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-When you must continually raise the volume on your TV or radio. If you find yourself turning up your TV’s volume frequently, it’s a sign of hearing loss. An audiologist can verify if your hearing shows decline since your previous evaluation and recommend treatments.

-Avoiding social settings. People coping with hearing loss can start to experience depression. They may start to become withdrawn and isolated. It’s not an enjoyable experience to struggle with communication. An audiologist at our facility helps clients select a hearing aid that makes it easier to listen in social situations. This makes them more enjoyable and not as stressful.

The journey to better hearing starts with scheduling an appointment for a FREE hearing evaluation at our facilities. We suggest that patients bring along a relative or friend to the evaluation. The value of bringing along a third party includes:

-Your close friend or relative knows you well. Hearing loss doesn’t only affect the individual with the condition, but also those with whom whey live and communicate. At your initial appointment with us your relative or friend naturally knows you better than our Audiologist. They have a clearer idea of your interests, lifestyle and which situations present hearing difficulties for you.

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-A familiar voice: Having someone you’re familiar with attend your hearing evaluation is quite useful. A third party can assist the Audiologist during the evaluation process. Also, it’s beneficial for the patient to simply have a familiar, supportive voice there while reviewing test results. This helps the person to better understand their degree of hearing loss as well as the available options for improvement.

-Another point of view. A friend or family member experiencing your struggle with hearing loss can offer some helpful input. A lot of information results from an initial appointment. Consequently, there may be a lot for one individual to process. The input of a friend or relative helps the patient recognize their need to treat hearing loss. Additionally, they help provide support during the hearing aid selection process. The third party is also there to ask questions that you might not consider at the moment.

With instructions from your Audiologist, you’ll be able to determine which type of hearing aid is best for you. Always H.E.A.R. Hearing Centers is ready to make your transition toward better hearing go as smoothly as possible. Our Audiologist team is standing by to lead you and your family members through the process. To schedule a hearing evaluation contact us at 309-664-6200. We have facilities in Bloomington and Peoria for your convenience.

When it comes to choosing a style of hearing aid, there are a few factors to consider. For instance, there’s the degree of your hearing loss, option and power requirements and your cosmetic preferences.

Always H.E.A.R. Hearing Center – Bloomington and Peoria – Free Hearing Evaluation

As part of consultations with Always H.E.A.R., our staff helps clients explore the various options of hearing aids. We provide a custom device fitting experience to confirm optimal comfort. After your fitting our team then shows you how to make adjustments and clean your device. In the event your hearing aid ever needs repairs or setting adjustments, you can rely on our staff to keep it in good condition!

Styles of Hearing Aids

-Receiver in Canal. This style features a discreet, appealing design which leaves the ear canals more open. This makes it ideal for people with mild or moderate hearing loss in the higher frequencies. A relatively smaller style of hearing aid that fits securely behind the user’s ear. It includes a narrow tubing that inserts into the canal.

-In the Ear. This style of hearing aid fits in the outer ear. Mainly used for correcting mild to major hearing loss. In-the-ear hearing aids are more noticeable than some other devices. However, they’re typically easier to adjust, insert and present a long battery lifespan.

-Invisible and Extended Wear. These devices fit rather deep into the wearer’s ear canal. Consequently, they are quite hidden from view. Wearable 24/7 for two or three months at a time, this style doesn’t need maintenance or battery charging. The wearer may even shower and sleep while wearing their device because they need such little maintenance.

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-Behind the Ear. A conventional behind-the-ear model is among the most flexible style of hearing aid on the market. The actual device is worn – just as the name states – behind the user’s ear. It conducts sound into a custom mold that sits inside the wearer’s outer ear. While this is the largest style of hearing aid, it’s also quite powerful and easy to adjust. In addition, it’s able to address almost all forms of hearing loss. Learn more about which style of hearing aid is right for you. Contact our facilities for an appointment today!

*Founded in 1979, the Hearing Loss Association of America headquarters in Maryland. The organization aims to provide people with the resources they require to live successfully with hearing loss.