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Some Basic Information About Tinnitus (Ringing in the Ears)

Tinnitus is basically sounds in the head that do not come from an exterior source.

For some people, it’s in the form of a ringing noise. For others, the sound could be a hissing, whistling, a roar or a buzz. The sound might seem as if it’s coming from both ears or just one ear. Or, as though it’s inside one’s head or at a distance. It can range from continual or intermittent noises that pulsate or remain steady.

Many people experience tinnitus for at least a brief period at one time or another. For example, you may experience Ears Ring Bloomington IL for a brief time following exposure to very loud noises. Attending a high volume concert or being near loud machinery may trigger tinnitus. There are also some types of medications (particularly aspirin or anti-inflammatories) that can lead to tinnitus. Usually it fades away after discontinuation. Chronic tinnitus can persist longer than six months. Millions of people nationwide struggle with this unpleasant condition. It’s particularly common among people who are older than 55 and often accompanies hearing loss. Although many worry that ringing in the ears in a sign of oncoming deafness or medical problems, that is usually not the case.

Ears Ring Bloomington IL

Factors that can result in tinnitus and hearing loss include loud noises, earwax accumulation and problems with the middle ear. Aging, too, is a common cause of Ears Ring Bloomington IL. Also, tinnitus can be a sign of Meniere’s disease, which is a disorder relating to inner ear’s balancing mechanism.

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Tinnitus may develop anywhere within the auditory pathways. This includes the outer through the middle and inner ear into the auditory cortex of the brain. Among the more frequent causes of tinnitus is problems with the hair cells upon the cochlea.

These very tiny hair cells serve to convert waves of sound into nerve signals. In the event the auditory pathway in the brain doesn’t receive nerve signals from the cochlea, tinnitus can occur. The brain tries to locate the signals, similar to turning up your car radio to find a station signal. The electrical noises that result occur as tinnitus.

Tinnitus can be high-pitch if hearing loss is within a higher frequency range and low pitch if in the lower frequencies. Most tinnitus is typically on account of hearing loss in the cochlea or cochlear nerves. However, it can originate at other locations too. The human body normally makes sounds that we do not notice simply because we listen for external sounds instead. Anything that impedes normal hearing may bring this interior noises to your attention. For instance, you may experience head noises if earwax is blocking your outer ear.

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If you or someone in your household is experiencing tinnitus, don’t hesitate to seek help at our facility. Our hearing experts can assess your medical history and perform testing to try and identify the source of the tinnitus. We’ll ask you to describe the noises you’re experiencing. For example, whether it is high or low pitch and if it is periodic or continual. Also, when and how often your Ears Ring Bloomington IL.

Another relevant factor is any type of medication or other supplements you’re currently taking. Tinnitus may occur as a side effect of medications, particularly if taken at higher dosages.

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