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Hearing aids are technological wonders. In spite of their tiny size, they have many sophisticated components and perform amazing functions. If you have a hearing aid and suspect it may need repairs, try the following steps:

-Since hearing aids are compact instruments, it’s easy for earwax and debris to collect and impede performance. To prevent earwax build-up from clogging essential components, clean your hearing aid daily with a clean, dry cloth.

It is not unusual for earwax to get trapped within the tiny ports of a standard hearing aid. As a result, it can cause static noise or unpleasant feedback during use.

-Clean your ears too. Along with regular cleaning of your hearing aid, don’t forget to clean your ears as well. By keeping the device and your ears clear of debris, there’s less need for Hearing Aid Repair Bloomington IL. Even though earwax occurs naturally, it can still result in problems when it clogs parts of a hearing aid. To minimize earwax accumulation, use a washcloth to clean your ears each day. Some people simply produce excess amounts of wax that causes frequent clogs in their hearing aid. In that case, contact our facility for additional care tips and options.

Hearing Aid Repair Bloomington IL – Always H.E.A.R. Hearing Center – 309-300-2402

Note that it’s generally not safe to use cotton swabs or sharp items to clean your ears. Using swabs risks pushing the earwax farther into the ear or even puncturing the eardrum.

-Keep your hearing aid dry. A leading cause of hearing aid malfunction is prolonged exposure to moisture. Most people may not realize that hearing aids can accumulate moisture simply through daily usage. During the night, open the device’s battery compartment and take the batteries out. This enables the device to dry out. If you reside in a very humid location or perspire a lot, consider investing in a hearing aid sleeve.

Hearing aid dehumidifiers are another effective way of keeping your device dry. These affordable and handy products help keep moisture at a minimum. Consequently, they extend the service lifespan of the hearing aid.

Shower or bathe prior to putting in your hearing aids for the day. Take care when applying face or hair products because they can accumulate on the hearing aid. Remove your hearing aids before swimming or taking part in water sports.

-Troubleshooting common hearing aid issues. It’s a good practice to get familiar with the various components of your hearing aid. As a result, you’ll gain basic awareness of the terminology and find it easier to identify problems. If your hearing aid isn’t working properly, try the following steps before calling to schedule Hearing Aid Repair Bloomington IL:

-First, confirm that the device is switched on. This may seem obvious, but it’s still a necessary step. Particularly if you are new to wearing a hearing aid and still getting accustomed to it.

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-Turn the volume up. Confirm that the volume setting is at an appropriate level and not accidentally turned down.

-Check the unit’s battery. Be sure the batteries are in the correct position in the hearing aid. Test the batteries or put in new ones to verify the problem isn’t related to the batteries.

-If yours is a behind-the-ear model hearing aid, look at the tubing. Behind-the-ear tubes can on occasion become worn with time. If the tubing displays signs of wear or breakage, call the experts at our facility for a fast repair.

-In the event your hearing aid batteries wear out quickly, it can signal the device needs service.

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