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Hearing Aid Bloomington IL

Hearing Aid Bloomington

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Hearing loss due to aging is a common occurrence. Approximately 30 percent of people in the USA between 65 and 75 experience hearing loss to some degree. For people over 75, that figure rises to about 50 percent.

The three main types of hearing loss are:

  • -Conductive. This typically involves the middle or outer ear.
  • -Sensorineural. Involves the inner ear.
  • -A combination of the conductive and sensorineal.

Another contributor to hearing loss is regular exposure to very loud noise. Other factors, like earwax buildup, can also cause temporary hearing loss. Most types of hearing loss are irreversible. However, it is possible to improve your hearing with a Hearing Aid Bloomington IL.

Hearing Aid Bloomington IL – Common signs of hearing loss include:

  • -Speech and other noises sound muffled.
  • -Trouble understanding words. Particularly against background noises or in crowded settings.
  • -Difficulty understanding consonants.
  • -Frequent need to ask others to repeat themselves or speak louder.
  • -Need to turn up volume on radio and TV.
  • -Withdraws from daily conversations.
  • -Avoids social situations.

In the event you experience these symptoms, contact your doctor. Without a doubt, it’s essential to act quickly if your hearing loss interferes with your daily routine.

There are three main areas of the human ear: the inner, middle and outer ear. Sound passes through the outer ear and causes the eardrum to vibration. The eardrum and small bones in the middle ear amplify the sound vibrations as they enter the inner ear. Once there, the sound vibrations pass through fluid within a structure of the inner ear called the cochlea.

There are thousands of small hairs in the cochlea that connect to nerve ending. They help translate the vibrations into electrical signals. Subsequently, the signals transmit to the brain. It’s the brain’s job to turn those signals into sounds.

Always H.E.A.R. Hearing Center – Hearing Aid Bloomington IL

Frequent causes of hearing loss include:

-Inner ear damage. Aging along with exposure to loud sounds may result in wear and tear on the cochlea’s nerve cells. When this occurs, it means that electric signals will not transmit efficiently to the brain. Consequently, hearing loss occurs. In addition, higher pitch tones may muffled as well. It can become quite hard to understand words due to background noise.

Gradual earwax accumulation. Too much earwax blocks the ear canal and prevents efficient sound wave conduction. Earwax removal is often effective for hearing restoration.

Infections or atypical bone growth. With respect to the outer or middle ear, infections can result in hearing loss.

-Eardrum rupture. Loud bursts of noise or rapid change in pressure can cause eardrums to rupture and diminish hearing ability.

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Additional factors that can cause damage to the inner ear include:

-The aging process. It’s not uncommon for the inner ear structure to degenerate with age.

-Hereditary. Your own genetics can make you more prone to ear damage from noises or deterioration due to aging.

-Occupational loud noises. Jobs in which loud noises are a part of the daily setting can result in damage to the inner ear. For example, farming, industrial plants and construction work are occupations where loud sounds are part of the environment.

-Recreational loud noises. Exposure to very loud noises, such as from aircraft engines, can lead to sudden, lasting hearing loss.

-Medications. Drugs such as Viagra or certain drugs used in chemotherapy can cause inner ear damage.

-Illnesses. There are some illnesses that include high fever – like meningitis – can result in cochlea damage.

Contact Always H.E.A.R. if you are experiencing hearing loss. We can evaluate your hearing and recommend a quality, affordable Hearing Aid Bloomington IL.